5 good reasons to walk even in winter

Are you put off by the idea of slipping on your fitness walking shoes and taking up your Nordic walking poles in winter? Even if it's harder to motivate yourself to go walking when it's cold, the following 5 good reasons to keep walking in winter will change your mind!


1 - You use more calories when it's cold

It's a well-known fact that we all tend to eat more in winter than in summer to combat the cold. If you are worried about your figure in winter, remember that your body will use more calories when it's cold, to warm yourself up.

Cold weather stimulates calorie consumption, in addition to the calories used when you exert your muscles (in the thighs, buttocks and arms) during fitness walking and Nordic walking. A good reason to set foot outside?

2 - Doing sport when it's cold exercises your heart more

Walking is a gentle endurance activity that strengthens your heart capacity. When it is cold, the body tries to maintain a roughly constant internal temperature of 37°C by promoting blood circulation. The heart therefore pumps harder and becomes stronger.


"When it's cold, you need to limit your sports performances and stay inside in the warm if you suffer from heart problems. You heart will be working more than usual and will hence consume more energy than normal. This action will deprive your muscles of some of this energy. Take it easy" - Dr. Patrick Bacquaert, IRBMS

3 - Doing sport in winter means you are less often ill

Doing fitness walking and Nordic walking in winter and the exertion needed to do this means your body will gradually get used to the cold. This will benefit you: by strengthening yourself against winter microbes, you will get ill less often!

But make sure you equip yourself properly to carry on walking in cold weather.

"When the temperature drops below -5°C, avoid going outside to do sport since this is when winter sport starts to be dangerous for you and your health!" - Dr. Patrick Bacquaert, IRBMS

4 - Being outside means you can enjoy natural light and fresh air!

Even if it's cold and the sun doesn't look like it will come out, it's essential to spend some time in contact with natural light to keep up your spirits. You will also enjoy some fresh air! So don't hesitate to make the most of your lunch break to go walking. This combination helps you get rid of tension, sleep better and hence deal with seasonal depression!