4 ways to find a partner for your next walking sessions

Fitness walking and Nordic walking are no longer just individual sports and can also be done in a group. But perhaps it's hard for you to find a partner with whom you can share your passion? Here are our ideas to make progress with this - you're certainly not the only one looking for a partner!


1 - Start by looking around you

Perhaps a family member, girlfriend, mate or colleague fancies taking up sport. They will certainly be willing to join you on your next fitness walking or Nordic walking session.

If you live as a couple, feel free to invite your husband or wife to join you. What's more, fitness walking and Nordic walking are well-known sports for relaxing and getting rid of tension, which every couple experiences at some time or other in their relationship!

2 - Join a walking club or association

There is bound to be a walking club or association near where you live, bringing together local fitness walking and Nordic walking enthusiasts.

The advantage of signing up to a club or association is that you will meet many other fellow enthusiasts. This maximizes your chances of finding someone you get on well with, both on a sporting and personal level.

In addition, both clubs and associations often offer introductory sessions, which you can take advantage of to find out if the group's ambiance suits you!

3 - Look online to find a forum or dedicated website

The advantage of this method, once you've found a forum or website bringing together other walkers in your region, is that you will be free of any commitment. Even though deciding to walk in a group implies not dropping your partners, you are less bound to this than after you've signed up to a club or association.

Watch out though since you won't meet the ideal person as soon as you start chatting with one another online. It's worth meeting up beforehand since the main thing when you want to walk with several other people is to get one well.

4 - Stop off at your Decathlon store

Some Decathlon stores, where you will find Newfeel fitness walking shoes and Nordic walking poles, offer free walking sessions. There could be a nice surprise awaiting you at the welcome desk!

For example Sabine, who works in the walking section of the Fouquières-Lès-Béthune store, organizes 2-hour walking sessions every Saturday morning:

"When I started walking, I quickly set up a group with the people I was meeting every day in the store. Today there are around fifteen of us and everyone takes part regularly. People soon started bringing along their girlfriend, husband, etc. There's even a doctor who sends me his patients to walk with us!"

5 - Join our Facebook page!

Many walkers get together on our Facebook page, so feel free to join us. It could be a chance to find a walking companion in your region, who is prepared to accompany you on all your walks.