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Newfeel and its partners offer you advice tailored to what motivates you, however you walk, whatever your level. Whether you are walking for your well-being, to stay in shape or to share good times through sport, we are here for you to make fitness walking something to look forward to every day!

What kind of walker are you ?

What kind of walker are you ?

In order to encourage your walking activities with suitable advice and help you find the right equipment, answer this short questionnaire to quickly find out what type of walker you are.


Fitness walking is a source of well-being and energy. Ever since it was set up, Newfeel has been working to provide the best response to your needs, for guaranteed fitness walking benefits: innovative equipment adapted to your pace, speed, motives and above your walker's feet.

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Doctors and healthcare specialists agree - fitness walking is an excellent choice for losing weight: it allows your muscles to burn calories by using your fate reserves. However, do you know how much walking you need to do to lose weight and keep it off?


Staying motivated is the key for achieving your sporting goals. Emmanuel Lassalle, a race walker from Grand Fond, has a few tips to keep you motivated.


When you start fitness walking, many of you experience pain in the front of your legs. When this pain is in your shins, it's an inflammation of a muscle on which great demands are placed during walking sessions: the anterior hamstring. Have no fear!


"Are we nearly there yet?" is a question that we've all asked and that all parents inevitably hear at some point in their lives. Make walking more than just a way of getting from A to B with these seven tips. Make it a fun way of looking after your and your child's health!

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Tone your body. Lose weight. Exercise your heart. Free your spirit. Power walking has so many benefits. 

Discover our products designed to make your walking sessions even more enjoyable, whether for power walking (men's and women's fitness walking shoes) or Nordic walking (full-body workout using Nordic walking poles), and also to liven up your everyday walking (from men's, women's and children's shoes to bags and luggage). You can also find our how to choose buyer's guides and our top tips written with the help of walking experts to assist and advise you and meet all your needs as a walker. Get your body moving: welcome to the world of walking !