• One active walking insoles
  • One active walking insoles
  • One active walking insoles
  • One active walking insoles
  • One active walking insoles
  • One active walking insoles
  • One active walking insoles
  • One active walking insoles
  • One active walking insoles
  • One active walking insoles
  • One active walking insoles
  • One active walking insoles

One active walking insoles

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Key feature
Comfortable sole for use with Many shoes.Machine washable.
Distribution of ratings
  • I think The inter soles are perfect for me.
    12 Feb 2016
    - -

    I cannot get them from anywhere else.

  • 7 out of 10
    4 Jan 2016
    7 out of 10 purchased undersize, unavailability of rt.size.

    7 out of 10

  • Insoles
    9 Aug 2015
    good quality, reasonable price and durable not enough cushioning

    For the price they are good value but as I have a bad back these insoles don't cushion the impact enough for my liking. I would spend a little more and get some proper gel insoles.

User Benefits

Foot motion
Provides elasticity thanks to the flex grooves.
Absorbs shocks thanks to the cushioning foam and the Poron heel insert.
Absorbs perspiration thanks to the microfibre coating.
Reinforcement beneath the arch of the foot keeps the foot and heel in place.
Easy maintenance
Easy to clean thanks to the machine washable materials (30°C).


from 2½ to 12.
Sizes 13-15
available to order and online.
For use with
Many shoes.
Lining : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Backing : 100.0% Polyurethane (PU) Chassis : 100.0% Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)
Test lab terrain
Newfeel active walking shoes are field and laboratory tested.
Conçu pour
active walking in urban areas. For occasional use.
2 years


The Newfeel team recommends machine washing your soles at 30°C. For greater hygiene you can regularly remove the removable insoles from your MANY shoes when they are not being worn . This will allow the sole and the shoe to dry in optimum conditions. For more information see www.newfeel.com
Storage Tips
The Newfeel team recommends storing your active walking soles in a dry, dark and well-ventilated place.
Insert into MANY shoes.


Field testing of products
All Newfeel active walking soles are tested by representative walkers in conditions identical to those you could experience every day (weather, walk duration, range of ground surfaces). These daily tests allow us to improve the quality of our products and ensure have what your need for your walks.
Lab tests
Newfeel conducts laboratory tests on all our active walking soles to validate their properties and benefits.
What is One Many technology?
Unique comfort in several styles buy a pair of ONE insoles then select one or more pairs of shoes from the wide range of MANY shoes. For more information see www.newfeel.com
What are the different practices for fitness walking?
Fitness walking is a sport done at a rhythmic pace in sessions that can last from 30 minutes to several hours on flat terrain.It includes active walking practised for well-being at 5 to 7 km/h and speed walking practised for performance, at 7 to 10 km/h. Both types of walking may be done with poles to give the whole body a work out; this is known as Nordic walking. More information at www.newfeel.com
What are the benefits of active walking?
Active walking is a complete and effective physical activity because it provides a work out for many of the muscles in your body.Like other sports, it offers many advantages for health and staying in shape. It is also one of the sports with least impact on joints. It is therefore a soft sport, but one that lets you release your energy. Find more information at www.newfeel.com
What is the difference between occasional, regular and intensive active walking?
At Newfeel, active walking is broken down in different segments by frequency of use: - occasional use: Once a week - regular use: 2 to 3 times a week - intensive use: more than 3 times a week