Why is an endurance sport better for your health ?

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It is medically proven that you need to practise regular physical exercise to stay healthy. This is what as known as 'health sport'. Is it hard to choose a particular sport? Charles Aisenberg, a sports physician affiliated with INSEP, recommends fitness walking for keeping fit.


It is well known: practising a sport such as fitness walking helps you lose weight easily and develop a better body shape, but also tackle stress and anxiety. It is also excellent for staying healthy and in shape.
  • It is good for your heart and protects you from high blood pressure and being overweight, both of which cause cardiovascular diseases. 
  • This helps reinforce your immune system and stops you from falling ill so often.
  • It is good for your bones. Practising sport helps your body fight against osteoporosis.
Fitness walking, the perfect endurance sport, is ideal for making the most of all of these benefits for your health.


In order to look after your health, endurance activities are better than resistance training.
  • In endurance activities, like 45 minutes of fitness walking, you promote regular oxygen intake. This is an aerobic activity, which trains your heart, unclogs the arteries and uses the fat to supply your muscles and sustain your efforts.
  • In resistance activities, such as running a 400m race, the effort is more violent and you will be mostly holding your breath, thus removing the oxygen intake achieved through fitness walking.
Nevertheless, regular endurance activities will be necessary to achieve the expected benefits for your health. Keep motivated!


We differentiate between endurance and resistance activities depending on the cardiac effort and its duration. In endurance training, the cardiac effort is sustained over the long term thanks to your breathing, whereas resistance activities involve more violent and shorter efforts.
In order to know if you are practising an endurance or resistance activity, you must pay attention to your heart rate and, more specifically, the percentage of your MHR (Maximum Heart Rate) during the effort. 
  • Endurance work lies between 60 and 75% of MHR
  • Resistance work lies between 75 and 95% of MHR
When it comes to looking after your health, fitness walking is an excellent investment!
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