Tips for removing stains

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Your shoes are stained? No worries, Newfeel has the following few tips for removing the annoying stain which has just appeared on your footwear! Depending on the composition of your shoes, determine what type of stain it is and clean it, as if by magic! ;-)

Stains on leather

Sugary food or drinks stain: sponge off the stain using absorbent paper and wipe it with a cloth soaked in a mixture of water and alcohol.

Rain stain: squeeze a bit of lemon into some milk and then dab the stain with this mixture.

Ink stain: clean the stain using a cloth soaked in hair lacquer.

Earth stain: allow the stain to dry and then rub vigorously with a soft brush.

  • TIP: After cleaning the stain of your leather shoe, don't forget to leave the shoe to dry in the open air away from any sources of heat. Then polish and shine!

Stains on nubuck / suede

Fat stain: absorb the fatty material with talc or bicarbonate of soda. Leave to act overnight and then brush the shoes on the following day.

Ink stain: dab the stain with a cloth soaked in milk or 90% proof alcohol.

Earth stain: rub the mud stain with a cloth soaked in ammonia in order to remove it.

Water stain: moisten the stain with a cloth soaked in lemon and salt.

  • TIP: Cleaning a stain on this material is not easy… Consequently, to avoid any damage, remember to restore the waterproof properties of your nubuck/suede shoes before wearing them!

Stains on textiles

Grass stain: Dab the stain using a cloth soaked in lemon juice and then rinse! Another tip: moisten the stain with water, spread some toothpaste on it and then rub it with a toothbrush.

Ink stain: Soak the stain with white toothpaste, rub gently and rinse.

Earth stain: Leave the mud to dry and brush. If the stain will not go, wipe it using a clean cloth soaked in soapy water to which a few drops of white vinegar have been added.

Stains on synthetic materials

Synthetic materials are ideal because they are very easy to clean! If your shoes are dirty just wipe them with a sponge and the stains will quickly go!

Now that you have cleaned any stains on your wonderful pair of shoes, don't forget to maintain them every day! Why not check out all of the tips in our How to maintain your shoes on a daily basis? article

Got any more tips? Do you have another type of stain that you cannot remove? Ask us any questions, while reviewing this article! 



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