How to choose your power walking shoes, how to make your shoes waterproof, learn everything about maintaining power walking shoes

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In order to get even more pleasure out of your power walking sessions, it is very important to properly maintain your power walking trainers. Do you feel a little unsure about how to maintain your trainers and keep them in good condition for a long period of time? Here are our 4 recommendations for giving them a treat after each session!


You have opted for an open-air sport in order to feel better, lose some weight and relax. Whatever your objective, fast walking and running are endurance sports, which are both recommended if you want to take care of your body. But why is walking so different that it needs a specific type of footwear?


When it is raining, do you ever find that your feet are wet when you get home? Making your shoes waterproof is the first thing that you should do on purchasing them. But how is this done and how often should it be done?


When you practise fitness walking, the foot motion is specific to this sport. Fitness walking shoes are specially designed to facilitate this movement, which goes from the heel to the big toe, in 3 stage:

From birth to adulthood, your child's feet have a long road to travel before they reach maturity. The structure and needs of their feet will develop over time, from the moment when they first start to walk. We'll tell you all you need to know about helping your child's feet grow healthily!


Sports specialists define walking as "the nearest thing you can get to the ideal physical exercise".Fitness walking is an accessible sport that can be practised at different rhythms and for different reasons. Follow our guide designed to help choose the right pair of fitness walking shoes.


Children and adults have different needs when it comes to walking. This is the reason why we decided write an article specifically about kids' shoes, in addition to our article about the preconceptions about walking shoes. Remember to ask questions and make comments about this article!

We told you about cushioning but you may be wondering if our answers are the same for all sports. The answer is no; as the movement of the foot is not the same, your needs are not the same for every type of practice, whether it be in terms of cushioning or other important features of a shoe.

Comment choisir les chaussures de marche active pour ses enfants ?

Would you like some tips on choosing footwear for your child and being certain that you have chosen the right pair of shoes? Here you will find all the answers to the questions asked most frequently by people buying shoes.


Fitness walking is a sport that does not require a huge investment: suitable fitness attire and a good pair of shoes are the essential elements to make the best of your abilities.


Your shoes are stained? No worries, Newfeel has the following few tips for removing the annoying stain which has just appeared on your footwear! Depending on the composition of your shoes, determine what type of stain it is and clean it, as if by magic! ;-)