Preconceptions about kids' shoes : true or false ?

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Children and adults have different needs when it comes to walking. This is the reason why we decided write an article specifically about kids' shoes, in addition to our article about the preconceptions about walking shoes. Remember to ask questions and make comments about this article!

Choosing one size too big will allow the child to wear the same shoes for longer : FALSE

If the shoe is too big, your child's foot will not be supported. But the foot must not be too tight in the shoe either, in terms of volume and length, and therefore of the size. Always allow 6mm between the tip of their toes and the front of the shoe. OK, but how can I be sure that I have chosen the right size? This leads us to the next point.

I must press the toe of the shoe to check that it is the right size for my child : TRUE AND FALSE

This method may appear to be OK. But when you press on the toe of the shoe, your child will probably instinctively curl up his/her toes. In this case, your measurement of the size is wrong. First, ask your child to push his/her foot up to the front of the shoe. Then press the palm of your hand against the front of his/her foot to stop them from contracting their toes. Then try to slip your fingers into the rear of the shoe, behind the heel, to see if there is still enough space (the famous 6mm). 

High shoes offer better support for children's feet : FALSE

To properly support your child's feet when they walk, their heel must remain firmly in place in the shoe. Which means that they need a good stiffener. If a high shoe is too rigid, it will not support the foot and will even prevent the child's foot from moving and correctly taking each step, a fact that could harm their development. If the high shoes are too stiff, then your child will fell like they are walking in ski boots! Of course, your children can wear high shoes (e.g., to look cool), provided that they are sufficiently supple around the heel.

Quality children’s shoes must have a supporting arch : FALSE

The idea that shoes with a firm arch are good shoes is wrong. We think that children often have flat feet and that a firm arch could help them.

But this is not the case. In actual fact, children's feet are simply quite fleshy! As they grow up and walk more, the muscles in their feet develop and the arch of their feet takes shape.

If their shoes are excessively hollow beneath the arch, then the muscles in their feet will not develop and when they start wearing shoes with a less pronounced arch, their body will have to make a greater effort that can result in knee or back pains.

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