Power walking

All the benefits of power walking on health, our training programmes and techniques for power walking, active walking and speed walking

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Whether you want to lose weight, tone your body or get back in shape, walking has the benefit of not putting excessive strain on your joints.Its benefits are not only physical because walking also has benefits for your health: this is a simple and effective sport for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. So, why not take advantage of all the benefits of walking?

Whatever your age or physical condition, Dr. Patrick Bacquaert, head doctor of the IRBMS ("Institut de Recherche du Bien-être, de la Médecine et du Sport Santé" – sports medicine and well-being research institute) recommends fitness walking to take care of your health.Find out why in this video!

Walking is a complete, simple and effective sport but your feet, which are needed for walking, are complex. Made up of 26 bones, many joints and several ligaments, our feet are what enable our bodies to walk.

Getting into shape and feeling less stressed are the top reasons for fitness walking. When practised outdoors this open air sport helps you get away from the stress of everyday life.

Fitness walking is a simple and affordable physical activity accessible to all.But this sport has many benefits which contribute to improving physical and mental well-being.

Why do they say that fitness walking is a complete sport? Fitness walking, active or fast, works not only lower muscles. In addition to working out the thighs and gluteals, fitness walking also strengthens the entire upper body, especially the arms and abdominals.


Fitness walking, whether it is fast or Nordic walking, is an excellent sports activity for losing weight that is often practised for improving the figure. It's true that this endurance sport is a way of gently recovering or maintaining one's ideal weight. However we do not all shed weight in the same way, let alone at the same speed! These 3 factors have a direct influence on the number of calories expended during each of your fitness walking sessions.


When fitness walking as well as fast walking, staying motivated is the key to success. You will attain your objectives if you manage to walk regularly. In order to stay motivated, many walkers measure their performance using a pedometer. Would you also like to assess your progress? Focus on the basic features of the essential fitness walking measurement: the pedometer.

Are fitness walking and Nordic walking individual sports? Although fitness walking or Nordic walking are often considered to be sports that are practised by oneself, they can also be practised as part of a group. We asked several walkers why they preferred to walk as part of a group. Stop being a loner and try joining a group!


Fitness walking or Nordic walking are no longer individual sports as they can also be practised as part of a group. However, you are having a hard time finding someone with whom you can share your hobby? Here are some suggestions for making some progress as you can be sure that you are not alone in wanting to find a partner!