Parents - Children : why walk together ?

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What if walking was more than just a way of getting from A to B? What if it was doing your child a service? Encouraging your child to take up walking is a great way of making sure they grow up healthy. And it's good for you too!

Why should your child be as active as possible?

Excess weight and obesity among children are a major public health problem throughout the world. And this problem is much easier to prevent than treat!

The cause? Sedentary lifestyles and a lack of activity as a result of children spending more time in front of the television, video games or on a tablet, rather than being active. In addition to doing a more intensive physical activity, walking as a child is a great way of ensuring lifelong health and good growth.

What leads to inactivity among children?

If you're less active, fat builds up instead of muscle. Hence problems with childhood obesity.

In addition, children who are less active won't enjoy playing sports at school or with friends and family as much as other children. They'll get tired faster, and this vicious circle will then lead to joint and respiratory problems.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle from a young age, particularly by going on plenty of walks, is an amazing way of preventing all of these problems. It's easy to go for walks on a regular basis - the school run, for example.

How about you?

Aside from its many other benefits, walking is a great way to relax. As you walk, forget about your everyday worries and concentrate on your child. This will make it easier to release your stress.

Spending time with your child, listening to them and asking them all sorts of questions can quickly build up a close relationship. It will really boost the quality of the time you spend together!

30 minutes each day is enough, but longer walks of one to two hours several times a week are also a possibility if your child is able to manage it.

The most important thing to remember when going for a walk with your child is not to force them into it, but instead to make them want to come for another walk with you again



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Walking benefits

Once your child is able to follow you around without taking a tumble, it's time to encourage them to lead a healthy lifestyle that's full of exciting discoveries. Walking is an endurance activity that has plenty of benefits when it comes to your child's growth.