How to waterproof your shoes ?

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When it is raining, do you ever find that your feet are wet when you get home? Making your shoes waterproof is the first thing that you should do on purchasing them. But how is this done and how often should it be done?

Why should you make your shoes waterproof?

The waterproof treatment product, available in shops in spray form, creates a protective film that is deposited on the shoe. This provides protection from adverse weather conditions such as rain, but also protects against stains that occur on a daily basis.

Please note that new shoes do not always have waterproof protection. That's why you should give newly purchased shoes a waterproof treatment as a matter of priority to preserve them for as long as possible.

Waterproofing your shoes also helps to take care of your feet because wet shoes do not allow your feet to breathe properly!

For sportsmen and women, it is also possible to treat mesh shoes to make them waterproof: this will not protect from rainfall, given that the mesh is a ventilated fabric, but it will protect your shoes from stains.

How to make a new pair of shoes waterproof?

  1. Take your shoes outdoors or place them on a window sill.
  2. Spray the shoes from a distance of about 30 cm with the waterproof spray.
  3. Spray the entire shoe evenly, taking particular care when spraying the sides.
  4. Leave to dry for at least one hour. This should ideally be done in the open air to avoid unpleasant waterproof spray odours.
  5. Repeat this process once or twice a month to maintain your shoes in tiptop condition!

What if I have already worn my shoes?

If the shoes have already been worn, they should be cleaned with a brush, soft cloth or rubber stain eraser that is specially designed for cleaning suede leather shoes, such as those available in the Flowalk footwear range. For these shoes, do not use water under any circumstances as this will leave marks.

Furthermore, take particular care to ensure that your shoes are not damp during the waterproof treatment process: leave them to dry before applying the waterproof spray.

  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: If your shoes have been in the rain, do not dry them on a radiator or near to any other heat source. This may cause stains to appear that are difficult to remove. Instead, dry them in the open air with balls of newspaper inside to absorb any dampness.

That's it, you now know a little more about making your shoes waterproof!


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