6 good reasons to do fitness walking outdoors

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Are you wondering if fitness walking is better outdoors or in a gym? Doing sport outdoors, in parks or by the waterside, means your exercise has more effect on your morale: you can breathe, enjoy the countryside and, above all, look after yourself. Now that summer weather is upon us, it's the ideal time to make the most of fitness walking. Fitness walking is better outdoors!

1 – Getting some fresh air helps you completely switch off

When you're out in the fresh air, you can make the most of your fitness walking session to reconnect with nature. The best time: morning walking, to develop your physical and mental energy and get a grip on your day.

It's a recognized fact that outdoor sport develops positive thinking and limits the negative effects of modern life: stress, confusion, anxiety.

2 – Fitness walking in the sunshine does wonders for your mood

During exertion, your body secretes endorphins - 'happy hormones' - and serotonin, another hormone giving pleasurable feelings. Sunshine boosts your serotonin production!

3 – Top up with vitamin D

Natural light gives your body its dose of vitamin D, the 'sunshine vitamin' that acts like a hormone. It has recognized positive effects on your cardiovascular system and strengthens your bones. A truly natural light-therapy session!

4 – Make the most of fitness walking to get a breath of fresh air 

Being out in the fresh air gets more oxygen into your lungs and develops your respiratory capacity. A breath of fresh air is also good for your muscles, which receive more oxygen from clean air. Since you breathe better when you're in touch with nature, you also forget your everyday worries and can unwind!

5 – You feel free, which is good for your mind

Outdoor walking means enjoying the countryside and all the surrounding scenery. View your fitness walking session as an adventure. This will have a positive effect on your mental health, whatever your age: marvelling at the countryside around you develops your mental activity.

6 – You stay motivated by breaking the routine

Regularly changing your surroundings stops you slipping into a demotivating routine. Outdoor fitness walking is a great way to stay keen and motivated to enjoy all the benefits of this healthy sport par excellence

Uneven ground also provides you with an additional challenge: a slight ascent is brilliant for toning up your thighs and glutes.

Over to you! What are your reasons for doing fitness walking outside? Discover more tips for motivating yourself to go walking, even in lousy weather!


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Getting into shape and feeling less stressed are the top reasons for fitness walking. When practised outdoors this open air sport helps you get away from the stress of everyday life.