5 reasons you should start power walking!

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Do you want to start or get back into sport? There are plenty of sports and exercise activities out there, but sometimes you may worry that you are too out of shape, that they will be too much for you, or that you will run out of breath or motivation. So why not give fitness walking a try? We walk every day without thinking about it and we may think we know everything there is to know about this almost innate activity. But how about if you picked up the pace over a long period?

Fitness walking, also known as power walking or speed walking, is a sport that is becoming more and more popular and that takes place in the form of sessions, either to improve your well-being (walking at 4 to 6 km/h) or performance (speed from 7 to 9 km/h). We will reveal the benefits of this practice.

Benefits for the body: yes, but gently!

Unlike many other sports, fitness walking does not cause trauma to the joints: the body is always in contact with the ground as your foot rolls from heel to toe. There is no jump or bounce, which reduces impact and therefore the risk of injury.

Benefits for my figure

By walking quickly you increase your heart rate which in turn increases calorie consumption (300 to 500 calories per hour). Most of your muscles are being used: arm muscles, shoulder muscles and especially the glutes and thighs. Regular practice will give you toned legs and significantly reduce cellulite.


Benefits for my health

Regular walking is good for your health: power walking improves blood circulation and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Benefits for the mind

All sports help you to get away from it all, release pressure and clear your head. Fitness walking is no exception. It is mainly done outside, which enhances the feeling of well-being. You can also do it alone or with others to share the fun and have a chat.

An easy and accessible sport 

A pair of shoes that are suitable for fitness walking, sports attire that is comfortable during exercise, and you're off! The town is your playing field: no need to reserve a pitch or take out a membership!

Good posture and the right equipment play an essential role in helping you get even more pleasure out of fitness walking!

And you, what are your reasons for walking?

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Walking benefits

Would you like to lose a few pounds, but the needle on your scales isn't swinging in the right direction? Charles Aisenberg, sports doctor at the INSEP (French National Institute of Sport, Expertise and Performance), recommends fitness walking for those looking to feel better about their body.Forget about the fuss of fad diets and walk your way to weight loss instead!

Walking benefits

Sport and fitness walking are recognised ways of better managing stress. When it comes to well-being, there is nothing quite like regularly doing a gentle activity such as fast walking in order to boost your morale. How does it work?