5 moments for practising sport every day

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Is it sometimes difficult to find the time to practise sport in your daily life? Practising a sports activity, such as walking, every day is the best way of taking control of your health and well-being. Follow our tips and never miss another chance to practise some sport!

Every step counts if you want to feel good! Walking is the simplest and most spontaneous activity you can do. We have found 5 moments for enjoying the benefits of this sport on a daily basis.



Walking more is above all a question of instinct. Here are 5 ideas for fitting sport into your busy schedule. 
  • Get off the train at the previous stop
    When heading to work, get off the train at the station before your usual stop and make sure you walk the rest of the way. It is always helpful to reflect on the day ahead
  • Use your lunch break to go for a stroll and grab some lunch
    Use your lunch break to go for a stroll! A chance to get some fresh air and work up an appetite.

  • Walk to school to pick up the kids
    This is a chance to spend time with your family in the open air, rather than a traffic jam.

  • Pep up your weekend with a long walk
    Whether alone or with friends or family, it would be a shame not to visit your nearest park. If the weather is nice, getting out in the sunshine is a great way to improve your mood!

  • Forgotten any shopping?
    Take the chance to walk to the nearest store and leave the car at home. Pull on your trainers for a really 'healthy' shop!


  • It is an excellent way to control your stress and ground yourself.

  • Walking works all the muscles in the body, developing them gently. It is perfect for strengthening the thighs and buttocks. It is also good for your back.

  • By working your muscles, walking burns calories and helps lose a little weight and keep it off. For the sports physician, Charles Aisenberg, it is the 'best discipline'.

  • It is an endurance activity, perfect for improving cardiac capacity and preventing heart disease.

During all this exercise and relaxation, make sure you breathe deeply with your stomach and take note of everything walking can provide. A first step to changing your habits and feeling better. Please share any of your ideas for walking more often. 


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Walking benefits

Would you like to lose a few pounds, but the needle on your scales isn't swinging in the right direction? Charles Aisenberg, sports doctor at the INSEP (French National Institute of Sport, Expertise and Performance), recommends fitness walking for those looking to feel better about their body.Forget about the fuss of fad diets and walk your way to weight loss instead!

Walking benefits

Sport is good for your health, as you already know. But did you know that practising physical activity also boosts your mood? Discover the stress-busting effects of active walking. Now is the perfect time to take a second look at this most comprehensive of sports!