• Abeona 100 17 L backpack - yellow
  • Abeona 100 17 L backpack - yellow
  • Abeona 100 17 L backpack - yellow
  • Abeona 100 17 L backpack - yellow
  • Abeona 100 17 L backpack - yellow
  • Abeona 100 17 L backpack - yellow
  • Abeona 100 17 L backpack - yellow
  • Abeona 100 17 L backpack - yellow

Abeona 100 17 L backpack - yellow

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Key feature
Need a strong and practical bag? This backpack can carry all your everyday belongings (sports kit, books, water bottle, etc.) It has a large compartment (A4) and a zipped front pocket.


  • Abeona 100 17L Backpack - Red
  • Abeona 100 17L backpack
  • Abeona 100 17L Backpack - Pink
  • Abeona 100 17 L backpack - yellow
  • Abeona 100 17L Backpack - Khaki
  • Abeona 100 17L backpack

A practical and sturdy low-cost backpack !

No compromise on quality!


To meet all your day-to-day travelling needs, Abeona backpacks have been tested by walkers and in the lab. For example, we tested our zips almost 40,000 times to prove their quality. Similarly, in order to check the sturdiness of the backpack, we also tested the durability of the straps (almost 10,000 test cycles with a backpack loaded with 5kg!). Watch a video of the Abeona backpack tests.

17L to store all your things !


Abeona backpacks have a large opening, perfect for housing an A4 file, along with your books, sports kit and personal belongings… The front pocket can also be used to store things which must be easily accessible.

A word from Christophe, the Newfeel bags and luggage product manager

team newfeel marche rapide marche nordique  team newfeel marche rapide marche nordique


“ Carrying comfort, compartments (internal storage) and durability are the essential features walkers need from their backpack. We focused on these 3 points when developing our Abeona backpack, since we believe it is crucial to make these features available at a low cost. “ 


Distribution of ratings
Favourable review judged most helpful
simple but good backpack 20 Mar 2014 well priced.Simple but nice design. Lightweight. None

Bought to transport my 11year old daughters PE kit to school. Better than a flimsy PE bag. Lightweight and reasonably robust.

Critical review judged most helpful
Size= good, anatomic = bad 21 Apr 2015 Colorfull, right size for everyday issues. straps are not anatonic at all!

The straps are the only negative side of the backpack. Unfortunately they are the most important feature in a backpack. The inside part of the straps holds the stress of the weigh, while the outside gets loose.
The straps are supposed to work throughtout so that the weight gets well distributed on the shoulders.
The straps need to have some curves to follow human body shape.

Brand response :


Thanks for your taking the time to give us this precise feedback regarding the Abeona 17L Back Pack. I'm sorry to hear that you don't feel 100% satisfied with the straps.

We are aware that the shape of the straps has to be improved and I will give your feedback to the product manager. For your information we are currently working on a new design taking into account the feedback we had from our customers on this product.
If you are not happy with the product I invite you to go to your closest Decathlon branch in order to return the Back Pack so you can have a full refund or exchange. 

Have a great day.

Kind Regards

Cyrille Simon UK Market Manager DECATHLON

User Benefits

Carrying comfort
Makes storage easier thanks to the large compartment (A4) and its front pocket.
Multiple compartments
Makes storage easier thanks to the large compartment and zipped front pocket.
Water repellent
Protects belongings from drizzle due to the fabric's water repellent treatment.
Laboratory-tested components (zips, etc.) make it a hard-wearing item.


40 x 26 x 20 cm
255 g
Also exists in
various colours.
100% polyester.
Test lab terrain
The Newfeel backpacks are tested in the field and in the laboratory.
Conçu pour
carrying and transporting your sports clothing and personal belongings every day.
2 years


To ensure fabrics retain all their initial properties (waterproofing in particular), do not machine wash, do not tumble dry, do not dry clean, do not use bleach. Do not iron. To clean your backpack by hand, you are advised to use warm soapy water and a brush if necessary. After a few years, you can refresh the water repellent properties of the fabric using a waterproofing spray.
Storage Tips
The Newfeel team recommends that you store your backpack in a dry well-ventilated place, away from sunlight.


Field testing of products
All of the Newfeel backpacks and suitcases are tested by representative user-testers, under conditions that are identical to those that you could encounter on a daily basis (weather, walking time, etc.) We use these daily tests to make improvements and give you complete satisfaction when using our products.
Tests conducted in the laboratory
In our laboratories, we replicate extreme conditions of use in order to test the resistance of the materials, seams, assemblies and plastic parts. These tests allow us to guarantee our products for 2 years.
How is the volume of Newfeel bags and suitcases measured?
The volume is measured using a standard method: we use small balls to fill the main compartment in addition to every pocket. We then empty the balls into a graduated container which provides the equivalent volume in litres.

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